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About This Project



“I am always interested in juxtaposing images from mass media and popular culture to tell new stories.” – Andre Tan


Unveiled for the very first time at SK Jewellery’s Transcending Gold Exhibition is a 999 Pure Gold statue of Disney Cuties Minnie Mouse. Measuring 42cm in height, 32cm in width and 19cm in length, the adorable Disney Cuties Minnie Mouse statue is the largest of its kind ever presented in Singapore. Weighing 3.8 kilograms, the 999 Pure Gold Disney Cuties Minnie Mouse is specially crafted by the jeweller using the latest 3D technology, with extra attention dedicated to create its joyful expression.


Created in 1928 by Walt Disney, Minnie Mouse has been an enchanting companion for children around the world for decades. More than just an animated character, Minnie Mouse embodies the lovable qualities in children – cheerfulness, intelligence, gentleness and kindness. Just as her charming nature has never changed throughout the years, her delightful image remains a classic, and is instantly recognisable and linked to the happiest of childhood memories.


The sole distributor of the Disney Cuties collections in Singapore, SK Jewellery adds a touch of glamour and sparkle to the classic image of Disney Cuties Minnie Mouse. The specially commissioned 999 Pure Gold statue will definitely bring out the gleeful child in each and every one.


About Andre Tan

“I am always interested in juxtaposing images from mass media and popular culture to tell new stories. As a child, I used to be obsessed with video games and cartoons, and I use fond memories like these to translate my childhood joy onto canvas to mix and match with other contemporary materials.”


Known for juxtaposing images to tell new stories, Singaporean artist Andre Tan’s artworks are often viewed in relation to the sensibilities of Pop Art, of reproduced images of pop culture and in the commercial style of advertising and mass communication.


Andre is the recipient of the Judge’s Choice for UTGP08-Kenichiro Mogi Prize (2008, Japan), Studentship Scheme (2005) in LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts, and also the Georgette Chen Arts Scholarship (1999). His artworks are collected by private collectors in Asia, Australia and the UK. In addition, his artwork has been auctioned in Singapore and Hong Kong.


March 05, 2015


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