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About This Project



“My painting is inspired by the idea of preserving the traditional values with a twist of the modern oriental touch.” – Andre Tan

999 Pure Gold Grace of the Phoenix Si Dian Jin (凤戏牡丹) from SK Jewellery’s Bridal Collection


The custom of Si Dian Jin comes from the Teochew province in China. Si Dian Jin literally translates to “Four Touches of Gold” and is still practised today as a four-piece set of gold jewellery presented to the bride by the groom’s mother, as part of the range of betrothal gifts. The complete set of Si Dian Jin, which comprises a pair of earrings, necklace, ring and bangle, is crafted in gold, a traditional symbol of auspiciousness, success and attainment.

For its signature Si Dian Jin necklace – Grace of the Pheonix, SK Jewellery boldly eschews traditional Si Dian Jin designs, and adds lovely elements of femininity and elegance to the design in the forms of peonies and phoenix.


The phoenix is a symbol of wealth, power and auspiciousness, thus people have always drawn parallelism between the phoenix and the queen to show her nobility and beauty. This stunning statement piece features the beautiful mythical bird, gently nudging the petals of a blooming peony.
The full, rounded bloom embodies romance and prosperity, and is celebrated by the Chinese as the ultimate symbol of good fortune and a blissful marriage. To add whimsicality and lightness to the design, the Phoenix and Peony are nestled in little dainty swirls, representing clouds.


A rare and magnificent work of art, the Grace of the Phoenix epitomises the best of traditional craftsmanship, complemented by the clever use of modern technology. The hand-crafted and intricate lace-like details on each phoenix’s feather and the peony’s leaves bear testament to the superior skills and experience of the craftsmen.


The peony, on the other hand, is crafted using rainbow gold technology to to reflect the maximum amount of light from different angles to achieve a unique shine and refract the seven rainbow colours. The effect created is a breathtakingly shine, in which the familiar warm hue of 999 Pure Gold takes on a beautiful multitude of colours. Each petal sparkles also captivatingly with delicate specks of faceted gold, sprayed on using the latest state-of-the-art technology.


About Andre Tan

“The Painting is inspired by the idea of preserving traditional values with a twist of the modern oriental touch. In the painting, I depict a delighted bride secretly admiring her necklace (which is part of her 四点金). Dowry (四点金) is an old Chinese tradition which is still practiced today.  I have added symbols like the Dragon and Phoenix as the Chinese believe the mythical creatures represent balance in relationships, bringing  the newlyweds  eternal love and fulfilment.”


Known for juxtaposing images to tell new stories, Singaporean artist Andre Tan’s artworks are often viewed in relation to the sensibilities of Pop Art, of reproduced images of pop culture and in the commercial style of advertising and mass communication.


Andre is the recipient of the Judge’s Choice for UTGP08-Kenichiro Mogi Prize (2008, Japan), Studentship Scheme (2005) in LASALLE-SIA College of the Arts, and also the Georgette Chen Arts Scholarship (1999). His artworks are collected by private collectors in Asia, Australia and the UK. In addition, his artwork has been auctioned in Singapore and Hong Kong.


March 21, 2015


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