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About This Project



“The Golden Tree represents this experience, of great and abundant fortune, mind, body and soul.” – Adeline Yeo


SK Jewellery’s 999 Pure Gold Prosperity Tree, unveiled for the first time at the Transcending Gold Exhibition, is the largest of its kind, measuring 38cm in height, 33cm in width, 33cm in length and weighing 2.8 kg.


A truly unique ornament, the Prosperity Tree (行运招财树) comprises a 999 Pure Gold tree with 99 pieces of  999 Pure Gold gold coins as leaves. The majestic tree and gold coin leaves represent one experiencing a series of successes, and the double blessings of wealth and attainment.


In addition to its exuberantly auspicious look, an element of feng shui, the Chinese philosophy of harmonising one with the surrounding environment, has been incorporated in the design of the Prosperity Tree. More specifically, the base of the Prosperity Tree may be rotated according to feng shui, so one may ward off bad luck, and at the same time, channel the blessings of wealth and good fortune to one’s home or workplace.


About Adeline Yeo

“The art of prospering in the Marketplace is not just a collector’s game, but a commercial haven; people, private and public sectors living out the art of giving and receiving abundantly in the best spaces ever. This is the double portion blessing, of sowing and reaping continually, successfully. And finally, a majestic blossom, of great distinction, magnificence. The Golden Tree represents this experience, of great and abundant fortune, mind, body and soul.”


Adeline Yeo is Singapore’s first female and specialist finger-painting artist who has held five successful solo exhibitions since 2010. Adeline’s art is an expression of her intense thoughts, a communication of deep emotion and a revelation of her full life. Today, her works are highly sought after by industry leaders, art aficionados and discerning art collectors. She performs ‘live’ at special events and paints blindfolded to raise funds for charity.


March 21, 2015


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