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About This Project



“Inspired by the vibrant street life of Chinatown to the architectural bravado of Gardens by the Bay, this series of paintings was created to capture Singapore’s iconic landmarks and hidden gems, which are also featured in SK Jewellery’s SG50 collection” – Foo Kwee Horng


As one of the most recognisable home-grown brands in Singapore, SK Jewellery is extremely proud to be part of the SG50 Golden Jubilee celebrations, and has spared no efforts to pay glowing tribute to the nation.


For a 50th birthday celebration of such grand scale, SK Jewellery believes there is no better way to commemorate the milestone than with a range of masterfully crafted 999 Pure Gold memorabilia. Revered for centuries by the Chinese as a symbol of auspiciousness, success and attainment, gold also represents posterity and good fortune. SK Jewellery expresses its immense pride of being a Singaporean brand and its most heartfelt hope for greater success for the nation through its beautifully crafted 999 Pure Gold SG50 creations.


Setting the benchmark for SG50 memorabilia is SK Jewellery’s brand new 100-gram 999 Pure Gold SG50 Golden Jubilee Gold Bar, titled The Golden Legacy.


Measuring 30 cm x 12 cm, the gold bar is the largest of its kind and features a juxtaposition of iconic images from the past five decades of nation-building. It cleverly and beautifully tells the story of how Singapore grew from a humble third-world country to a first-world metropolis in a chronological order from left to right.


On the left of the panoramic gold bar is the national monument of City Hall, which bore witness to many of the nation’s momentous historical events, such as the reading of the Malaysia Proclamation by Mr. Lee Kuan Yew in 1963 and the first National Day Parade in 1966. In front of the stately building is the image of soldiers marching, symbolising the pioneering efforts that were put into the developing a world-class national defence force by our first-generation leaders and its significant role in the country.


The story of Singapore can never be told without its public housing programme, which is one of the nation’s most renowned achievements. As such, some of the earlier iconic Housing Development Board (HDB) flats are featured on the background of the gold bar. In the foreground is the image of a tenacious Samsui Woman, with her trademark red headscarf. She represents an unyielding, stoic and determined generation of woman immigrants, who toiled, almost exclusively, in the tough construction environment in the middle part of the 1900s, and contributed tremendously to Singapore’s early development by building houses.


Next, the gold bar pays tribute to another of the nation’s pride – its world-class transportation system, with the picture of a Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) train. The landmark Changi Control Tower and a Singapore Airlines aircraft are also featured, which represent the development of Singapore’s aviation industry and its status as the regional aviation hub.


The images on the right of the gold bar celebrate five decades of nation-building, marking Singapore’s transition from a sleepy fishing village to a bustling and vibrant city. The Supertree Grove and the Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay are the crowning glories of decades of green efforts, and the instantly-recognisable structures of Marina Bay Sands and sky-scrapers signify how far the Marina Bay area has come. While the high-rise buildings and structures symbolise the development of our infra-structure, the Merlion and Vanda Miss Joaquim signify what makes us truly Singaporean – our pride of being a part of Singapore.


SK Jewellery has only produced 50 pieces of this special gold bar. A unique feature is the laser-engraved serial numbers from 01 to 50 on each of the gold bars, making them truly rare SG50 memorabilia and collector’s items.



About Foo Kwee Horng

“Inspired by the vibrant street life of Chinatown to the architectural bravado of Gardens by the Bay, this series of paintings was created to capture Singapore’s iconic landmarks and hidden gems, which are also featured in SK Jewellery’s SG50 collection.”


Foo Kwee Horng turned to full-time painting after having been an art teacher for 15 years. He sold-out his works when he made his debut at the 2011 Affordable Art Fair. His well-received solo exhibition, ‘A Nation of Shopkeepers’ coincided with the National Day period and was reported in the Straits Times. His next solo exhibition, ‘Singapore A-Z’ was a selection of 28 works from his book, Scenes of Singapore, commissioned by Marshall Cavendish. His 4th solo exhibition in 2014 was in support of Riverkids, an organization that works with children and families in danger of abuse and trafficking in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Foo also conducts pro-bono art sessions for Colours of Cambodia at Siem Reap. Locally, he does part-time teaching to children with special needs, the elderly and students of mainstream school.


March 21, 2015


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