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Adeline Yeo (1977) is Singapore’s first female and specialist finger-painting artist who has held five successful solo exhibitions since 2010. Her latest 2015 art show “BLOSSOM” was presented by The Tower Club Singapore.


Exuberant, bold and spirited, her artworks are true expressions of the storied facets that make up life’s journey. Recognized for her unique, vibrant and refreshing perspectives in her art, Adeline’s power to create, uplift and inspire, celebrates her very own vivacity and passion in life and loving. Audiences are drawn into the intensity of each artwork which seemingly bears a heartbeat that connects the mind, body and spirit. Magnetic and extraordinary, Adeline’s art has won her a loyal following, one that parallels her very own magnetism to captivate, engage and influence. She epitomizes zest, love, hope, life and breakthrough. As an artist, she also challenges convention by painting blindfolded; the only artist in Singapore to do so, a practice that enables her to create exceptionally unique works of art that resonate with authenticity and soul. Adeline’s art is an expression of her intense thought, a communication of deep emotion and a revelation of her full life. Today, her works are highly sought after by industry leaders, art aficionados and discerning art collectors. She performs ‘live’ at special events and paints blindfolded to raise funds for charity.


Adeline Yeo is also the author of ViVa! LIFE ILLUMINATED, an eclectic adventurous collection of contemporary works, fused with ernest literary works that are subtly encapsulated in a coffee-table book.


Visit website:

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